Siapa Anwar Ibrahim?


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2 Responses to Siapa Anwar Ibrahim?

  1. ermm..i would just like to give one comment regarding the issue why IIT was established in the USA..however, this is not based on fact but merely my opinion..

    though USA is known as the father of all evil, the freedom of voice, the practice of democracy is much much much much more transparent than what are being practiced in our beloved country...try establish the same institute in any "islamic" country, surely you would end up in jail on the very next day..lucky enough, in some "islamic" countries you might have already been dead the next day you take such a move...

  2. just another point that i wanna make...

    having been established in USA, doesnt necessarily mean that it was supported by USA..there are a lot of other muslims organization which are established in the western countries..and they served muslims very well..

    hmm..i suppose u have presented such a very weak case here...being in the overseas, i have seen a lot different things being practiced in much better way than in our country...


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